Zombie Apocalypse

One of our favorite shows has recently started again, The Walking Dead!  However, now being a mom, I am finding it harder and harder to watch the show each week.  Mainly due to the fact that I would hate to have my son grow up during the Zombie apocalypse.  Would we be safe?  I could not handle if I lost him to Zombies.  Never the less, when I start watching this show again, I tend to have at least one zombie nightmare a week.  A couple of weeks ago, the following happened:

I woke up at 2:34 am to “beep, beep, beep” and the kitchen light on.  My husband was not in bed next to me and in my half-awake brain, I jolted upright.  Missy was lying at the end of the bed and she just perked her head up an inch to give me the “why did you have to wake me” look.

I yelled at him, “What are you doing?”

I hear back “The power went out.”

Again I ask, “So what are you doing?”

“Fixing the clocks,” he replied in a very “what else would I be doing” kind of way.

I signed and then slammed my head back into my pillows.  Missy girl also let out a deep sigh and went back to sleep.  After the beeping stopped, kitchen light turned off and he was back in bed and back to sleep in record time, I was now wide awake.  As I lay there tossing and turning between the small space from the edge of the bed and Missy’s domain, I started to wonder why the power went out to begin with.  In the three years that we have lived in this house, the power has only ever gone out when thunderstorms have rolled through.  I stopped and rested on my pillow and listened as hard as I could for thunder.  All that my ears could pick up was Missy’s snoring and the soft buzz from the baby monitor.

“Nope, no thunder, it must be the zombie apocalypse has finally happened and the power plant was attacked.” Is the exact rational thought that went through my brain at three o’clock in the morning.  The monologue that I continue to have with myself in the wee hours of the morning was as follows:

“Should I just lay here and wait until I hear slapping of hands on the window?  I would hope that sirens would go off to let us know that the zombies are coming.  Do I just lay here and wait for my dad to show up?  I would definitely
hear the Hummer coming down the street.  I mean, that is the game plan.  I will need to run upstairs and grab my baby.  Do I need to bring the car seat?  If the zombies are here, do I really need to abide traffic laws?  We do not have enough formula in the house for him to survive off of until he turns a year old.  Maybe when we get farther out of town, we can stop at a small grocery store and pick up supplies.  Zombies would not be in the small towns yet, right?  Also, we should load up on canned food.  Canned food lasts forever, right?  I should also pack up all the baby food because we may need to eat that, as well.  What would we pack all the baby and canned food in?  I should invest in those canvas bags.  “Save the planet!”  There is not going to be much of a planet to save if the zombies are here.  What if other people try and steal our food?  I hope other people in the neighborhood do not have guns.  I do not want to go to war with anybody when we are trying to leave.  What if a zombie tries to attack me while I have my son in my arms?  I need to go do shooting practice again.  Hopefully my husband and my dad will have my back.  Life would be pretty crazy if the zombies do come.  I wish I was a doctor.  What if somebody gets sick?  However, my sister is a nurse so maybe we will be OK.  We should probably coordinate a location to meet up with my sister and her husband.  Well, I do not hear any sirens or hands slapping on the windows so I think it is safe to go back to sleep.

Needless to say, the zombies never showed up that night and all the clocks were correct in the morning.


5 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse

  1. That seems like a pretty reasonable dialogue to have with yourself at 3am, actually. 😉 And you know my stance on the baby-seats during the Zombiepocalypse…… 🙂

  2. I do the same thing with Revolution (the show where the power goes out) so much that I just had to quit watching it. Oh and I couldn’t sleep last night after reading this post.

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