Black Nose Out Of Joint




Missy Girl, our beloved brindled boxer, has been my baby girl for the past three years.  My husband got her for me as a Christmas gift in 2010 right before we moved into our first home.  She has been spoiled from day one!  However, now with a toddler crawling around the house, she has found that she is no longer top dog.  Poor Missy Girl (her real name is Mischief, however, we were always going to call her Missy for short but “Girl” got added somewhere down the line to form “Missy Girl”). 

Missy became not only our pet dog, but like a child to us.  The first year we had her, we made sure to take her to the dog park and for runs.  We spoiled her with a plethora of toys and treats.  Of course, and to this day, she is the only child allowed to sleep in bed with us.  Her first birthday, we threw her a small party complete with dog cake and presents to open.  The following Christmas, a local pet store had a Santa Clause for the puppies to meet and take their picture with.  You bet we waited in line for almost an hour for that picture!  Not only did she get spoiled that Christmas by my husband and I with a full set of angry bird kid toys (that I waited in line for two hours on black Friday to purchase), but she was also received presents from Nana and Papa. 

While I was pregnant, she had reached the point where she could be out of her kennel all day while we were at work.  I liked to think she just lounged in the big bed (our king sized bed) while I slaved away at my desk.  We never had a problem with her chewing anything or destroying a pair of shoes.  My husband trained her well (I wish I could claim some part of her well behavior but I really can’t)!  However, shortly after little man was born, she suddenly developed a fondness for chewing.  After returning home from a quick thirty minute trip to the grocery store, we found a ski mask, binky and a white plastic child’s hanger chewed up and eaten.  She threw up bits of plastic hanger for a week straight.  After that, she started going back in her kennel, for her own safety.

Little man and Missy Girl’s relationship started to blossom when he started crawling and playing.  She would bring him her angry birds and ropes, waiting for him to try and grab them.  Missy has always been gentle with him, except maybe when handing out too many kisses.  Even yesterday, I caught my son grabbing a hand full of Missy’s floppy ear and yanked as hard as he could.  She did not make one sound.  Even when he got in trouble for pulling her ear, she showered him with kisses.  Besides chewing up a few pacifiers and hangers, she has yet to chew up any of his toys.  A couple months later, she has reverted back to our well behaved puppy.  Until recently that is, now she is pissed that he is getting all of her table scraps.

In all actuality, little man is just eating his fair share of table food.  However, in the past, Missy Girl would get tidbits of our dinner cut up and placed in her bowl.  Now, in her eyes, I bet she is thinking “that damn kid is stealing all my food.”  She nudges and whines at me every time I place meat on little man’s tray.  She circles his chair like a shark waiting for anything to fall.  The second his hand leaves the tray, she is right there licking off every piece of left over sausage hidden in that little hand.  Last, when I pick him up out of his high chair, her snout goes right in to clean up anything he has dropped.  However, her begging stops at Cheerio’s and refuses to clean those up off the floor.  One would think beggars should not be choosers. 

Now do not let her fool you, she still receives her own burger, brat and slice of chicken whenever we have home cooked meals.  Plus, whatever is left on little man’s tray goes right into her bowl when he is done eating.  Yet, she likes to remind me constantly while I am eating my dinner that she is sitting, somewhat patiently (insert nudge with wet nose here), by my side waiting for her share. 

Poor puppy may not get to go to the dog park as often or visit Santa this year, but that Missy Girl is still spoiled rotten. 


5 thoughts on “Black Nose Out Of Joint

  1. A couple years ago I went backpacking for 9 months and left my dog in the care of a couple who had four small children– When I got back she had packed on a good 30lbs. I suspect she received lots of leftover chicken nuggets and kraft singles.

    • That actually makes me feel better! Missy lost close to five pounds after my son was born. I like to chalk it up too I was sleep deprived and may have forgot to feed her a few times… She has finally started to pack some back on.

  2. She’s such a cutie-pie!! Little mister is, too!! My nephew, when he was a little over one year old, would intentionally feed the dog. Chopper (the pup) would always just stand under his high chair, awaiting the inevitable deliciousness that would fly through the air to his mouth! 🙂

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