No Sick Days for Mommy!

Do you know that instant where you realize you are catching a cold and there is nothing you can do about it?  That instant hit me last week with the cold from hell!  It is making the rounds through the entire family.  When I say entire family, I am not only talking about my son, my husband and I.  I am talking about Grandparents too!  Even co-workers are coming down ill.  Everybody told me, that when I had kids, I could guarantee to be knocked down by colds more often.  I now believe them 100%!

Catching colds used to not be such a big deal.  As a child, if I got sick enough I got to stay at home with mommy.  She would make me chicken noodle soup and Orange Kool-Aid.  We would have slumber parties on the couch and these were the moments she taught me how to crochet.  At 10 o’clock in the morning, every sick day, Price is Right would be on and I loved competing against the contestants on the show.  I have lost count of how many cars I would have won had I been there!

As I got older, I started getting “get better soon” gifts from my parents.  Anything from a new stuffed animal to ice cream because my throat was sore.  Yes, these little gifts lasted through my college years, as well.  I remember my dad making the hour drive to my dorm room with medicine and cookies to make me feel better.  My mom bought me a new pair of shoes when I contracted pink eye in both eyes. 

When my husband and I bought a house less than half a mile from my parents, you bet I called my mom when I was not feeling well.  Again, at 25 years old, my mom would still bring me Tylenol and chicken noodle soup.  However, I can no longer drink Orange Kool-Aid without thinking about crushed up ibprofin.  I never learned how to swallow pills until high school so my mom always crushed it up and mixed it with orange Kool-Aid or orange juice for me to take it with.  Yuck! 

That all changed when my baby boy came along.  I no longer get special treatment on my sick days!  Instead I have plethora of responsibilities to accomplish on the days I am not feeling my best.  The days of coming home from work and going straight to bed are long gone!  On the rare occasions that I find myself sick enough to stay home from work, I still have to get up once little man arrives home.  There is a mouth the feed and a little tushy that needs washing.  He does not care if mommy has a cold or not.  However, there is nothing a little snuggling cannot cure! 

Not only do I have to keep my bed waiting for me, my little “get better soon” gifts have disappeared.   Those have also made the transition from daughter to grandson.  When my poor baby had to have surgery at a month old, my husband and I came home to an array of gifts on our dining room table from Nana and Papa for little man.  However, I am 100% ok with him getting the little gifts now, my poor baby deserves it when is under the weather! 

Thankfully, I have a very supportive husband that agreed to be Mr. Mom last week while I was battling this cold from hell.  Mr. Mom fed, bathed and put little man to sleep so this Mommy could get her first full sick night in nine months!


3 thoughts on “No Sick Days for Mommy!

  1. I used to ALWAYS look forward to “The Price is Right” at 10:00, too!!!!! I miss the days of Bob Barker!!!! lol

    It’s a good thing we have Hubbies….they get to be our “sick day gifts”! 😀

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