First Birthday is only 2 MONTHS AWAY… Eeeek!


As my husband and I were pouring through toy magazines trying to figure out what to get our 10 month old for Christmas, it hits me!  We also need to put together a birthday list since his birthday is only two weeks after Christmas!  How is possible that my baby boy is almost one?  With our mind on the holidays, we have pushed back the thought of a birthday party.    

Thanks to Pinterest, I have a million of ideas for a baby’s first birthday party.  First things first, we need to decide on a birthday theme, date and time.  I suggest the Saturday after his actual birthday to have family and friends over.  However, that Saturday the Chiefs could potentially be in the playoffs and Kansas plays K-State in basketball that afternoon.  Do not worry; it was my husband who pointed out the sports conflicts with our son’s birthday party.  So I suggest that we have a sports themed birthday party starting late morning and if guests would like to stay after to watch any of the potential games, so be it.  His thoughts went to, nobody is going to come to his birthday party if the Chiefs are in the playoffs and Kansas has a big game.  I won battle number one, as his birthday party will be the Saturday after his first birthday, no matter what games are going on.

Second, I need to make the invites!  Every well respected mom that works 40+ hours a week, of course has time to make the invites.  I am going to make cute little football and basketball shaped cards with his picture in the middle.  On the flip side will be all the information about the party in a fun, yet boyish, font.  I have a Cricut so cutting out the shapes will take me no time at all.  Now, I need to pick a night or a weekend that I can dedicate to work on the invites.  However, I should send the invites out this weekend.  With the holiday’s right around the corner, I want to give people plenty of notice.  Between training for a half marathon, in the midst of painting the house and taking care of a family, I have zero time to make invites.  Thank you tinyprints for having a wonderful football themed first birthday invites.  I gave in and lost this battle.

Third, I need to figure out what fun sport themed food I can make for the birthday party.  I could do an array of finger food cut into little football and basketball shapes.  His cake could be in the shape of a football and I can make a smaller cake for the guests.  A football cake cannot be that difficult to make, right?  However, walking around Sam’s Club this weekend, my husband and I found deli trays, veggie trays and football cupcakes.  How much easier would it be to just pickup food instead making it myself?  This one is still up in the air.

Last, we need to figure out the perfect gift to give our soon-to-be one year old!  Of course, being his parents, we have to outdo everybody else!  It does not matter that he would be happy with a box full of wrapping paper.  Out of all the things that we could potentially screw up parenting wise that will require him to go through counseling down the road, is his first complaint going to be his first birthday?  Being the thrifty man my husband is becoming, he found a little tikes goal for five bucks on Craigslist.  Perfect for the sports themed birthday party!  My husband and I even tested it out playing P-I-G one evening after little man went to bed.  Missy girl was not too happy that we were using her angry pig toy as a basketball.  I won the game of pig, score is now 2-1-1 (I am including the food as a tie since I have not fully made up my mind)!  Of course, we will get a few other things, but I don’t think anything will top the hours of entertainment we will all get (Missy included) from the basketball goal. 

His first birthday may not be Pinterest worthy to some, but we will make it the best birthday party that he will never remember!


*Photo by Kendra Gough Photography


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